The nights have reached their shortest.  The heat has come.  Sleep has become something precious.

We now find ourselves tossing and turning in an effort to find a position to get off to sleep or fall asleep.

Although we can barely keep our eyes open the heat will prevent us from sleeping like a baby or like a log.

If you are a night owl, that is fine, as you will be happy to stay up until the early hours when it starts to cool and going to bed and sleep will be less of a problem.

If, however, you are an early bird and wake up at the crack of dawn, you are going to be exhausted as you will not have had a wink of sleep.

You may be lucky enough to have a siesta during the day and get forty winks.

Hopefully, at the weekend you will be able to have a lie-in and catch up with your sleep.

It is not a good time of year for sleeping and sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of people going about their daily business while sleep-deprived.  This can be very dangerous, especially when driving.

Never mind, the heat is only going to last for a few months!

No sleep until autumn.

Best not to think about it.



tossing and turning – moving continuously in bed trying to find a position to go to sleep

get off to sleep – to go to sleep

fall asleep – to go to sleep

barely keep your eyes open – very, very tired

sleep like a baby/log – sleep very well and deeply

night owl – someone who stays up late into the night

early bird – someone who wakes up early

at the crack of dawn – very early, when the sun rises

not have a wink of sleep – not sleep

forty winks – a short sleep or nap

lie-in – stay in bed until late in the morning

catch up with your sleep – after a few days of not sleeping you sleep for a long time to recuperate

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