On this page you can find a selection of useful resources for IELTS students. You’ll find reading, writing, listening and speaking activities held on this website and and from other selected sources online.



  • Listening practice using Ted Talks

TED x IELTS Listening Practice 1: Why Videos Go Viral

TED x IELTS Listening Practice 4: Talk Nerdy to Me


  • The BBC’s 6 Minute English is a good way to practise your listening skills. Each recording discusses a topic of the day and comes with questions to test your comprehension. Try listening to four in a row to develop your powers of concentration.



Read something every day! It is very important to read English on a regular basis in order to improve your use of the language. There are good quality newspapers such as the The Guardian that apart from current news, have massive free archives on a whole range of issues. This website has a blog with many posts in English and an English exercises page with reading tasks

  • Do you like puzzles? Wordsearches are a fun way to train your eye to scan for words in a text – an essential skill for IELTS reading. The website Thewordsearch.com features hundreds of wordsearches arranged by topic. Try this one on natural disasters to get started.

Natural Disasters




  • IELTS writing test sample (Task 1)  band 7

  • Example of band 5 – 7 writing answers with examiner’s comments PDF pdf ielts writing


  • Full speaking tests: band 7


  • Speaking test (part 3) band 8



  • Check out our online grammar and vocabulary exercises here




Resources for IELTS students
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