Is pronunciation a problem for you when speaking English?

Does your tongue get all twisted when speaking English?

Do you wish to improve your English and make it more natural?

We are offering a Saturday workshop to help people improve their pronunciation.

The workshop is for six hours and it will include:-

  • Identifying problem sounds, like vowels.
  • Differentiate between similar sounds
  • Intonation in sentences, which changes the meaning.
  • Short presentations to practise intonation.
  • Gain confidence in speaking.

Come along to the workshop and leave speaking English like a natural!

What?When & Where?How Much?
One-day workshop on English pronunciationSaturday 25th November, 2017. 10am to 4pm. Speak To Me, Madrid50€


Como es evidente, nuestros talleres no están dirigidos a todo el mundo con cualquier nivel. La mayoría de ellos requieren de un nivel mínimo de B2 (intermedio-alto) o superior.

Si necesitas asesoramiento, comprobar tu nivel, contarnos tu caso porque no sabes qué taller sería mejor para ti o simplemente pedir más información, puedes pasarte cualquier dia sin cita previa por nuestra escuela en horario de lunes a viernes de 10-13 h. y de 16 a 19 h.


Speak To Me runs a series of one day workshops on different aspects of the English language. These normally take place on Saturdays at our centre in the Argüelles region of Madrid. Workshops comprise of small groups (max 8 people) and consist of three hours in the morning, one hour for lunch followed by three hours in the afternoon. To find out more about the programme for 2017 please call us on 91 369 0473 or click on the email link below. See complete programme for 2017


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Pronunciation – A Day of Speech
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