David BañosName: David

Nationality: Spanish

Occupation: Spanish Language Teacher at Speak To Me



Firstly, what do you like about living/working in Madrid? I like Madrid because it’s the city where I grew up, and I have family and close friends here. I think Madrid is rich in culture with plenty of social activities. There are many people who come here to improve their Spanish and Madrid is a good place to do that.

What’s the most challenging thing about teaching Spanish? Well, I suppose it’s the fact that I want my students to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. I want them to think “what do I have today on my schedule? Spanish? Ah, that’s great, that will be fun”.

What advice have you got for anyone wishing to learn Spanish? I would advise them to try to get involved in things in the place where they are studying. It’s not just the language you learn at school, but what you do outside. For example, join a group that shares your interests (painting, theatre, sports, politics etc) that way you’re going to meet Spanish natives and develop your life in the city.

Now some more random questions: who would you vote for as president of the world? Myself, because I am a really nice person. Ok, no, give me five seconds…… I think I would choose the president of Uruguay, because he is an honest and humble guy. He isn’t in politics for the money, he really wants to help people and that is the kind of person I would like for my country. If I had to choose it would be him.

What’s the best way to relax? Trying to surround myself with calm people. People who don’t lose their temper very quickly.

What’s the best gift you have ever received? The best gift? Er, being able to laugh and travel with friends.

What would make you start a revolution? The revolution is already happening (laughs). The thing is that the people who have power right now are not the best politicians for our society, so it’s important to try to change that.

If you were King/Queen for the day, what would you do? I would resign because I’m a republican!


Thank you David!

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