Phrasal verbs on the telephone


Phrasal verbs on the telephone

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences using the correct particle ( up, back, down, through, off, on, off) to complete the phrasal verbs in the following.
1. Mrs Hargreaves? One moment, I'll put you .

2. Here's the boss! I'll have to hang now, I'm afraid.

3. Do you mind speaking . It's a very bad line.

4. We were cut in the middle of the conversation.

5. I don't have her number. Can't you look it in the phone book?

6. She did give me her number, but I'm afraid to say I forgot to take it .

7. I'm tied at the moment. Could I ring you in half an hour?

8. It took a long time, but I eventually got to him.

9. Hold please I'm connecting you now.

10. Do you mind reading that to me?