There is nothing quite like the humble cup of tea. It warms you on a winter’s day, it comforts you after a stressful week at work and it is a necessary accompaniment to biscuits, conversation, breakfast and almost any activity carried out on a daily basis.

It will therefore come as no surprise that there are several idioms and expressions referring to this holiest of beverages in the English language.


Here are some examples:

Expression: Not for all the tea in China

Meaning:  The idea behind this expression is that you would not do something even for all the tea in China, which as everyone knows is a huge amount. Another expression with the same meaning is “not in a million years.”

Expression: My cup of tea/ Not my cup of tea

Meaning: Something or someone that you like or find pleasing. You can say “He or she is my cup of tea” and equally, if you do not like them “he or she is not my cup of tea.”

Expression: Tea and sympathy

Meaning: The kindness and sympathy you show to someone who is upset, with the idea being that you invite someone to listen to their worries over a cup of tea.

Expression: A storm in a teacup

Meaning: If someone exaggerates a problem or small event out of proportion.


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