slangDo you have a hard time understanding television series, music lyrics or just making sense of what Americans or British are saying? Is slang the problem?

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

Had the blues?

Been called a couch potato?

Thought a film was cheesy or just survived by the skin of your teeth?

Some knowledge of slang would greatly improve your speaking and understanding of English.  There are an extraordinary number of slang words in English, as there are in any language, and the number changes all the time.

Speak to Me is starting a workshop that will introduce American slang, popular phrases and colloquialisms  but also will include phrasal verbs, idioms and homonyms, in addition to British slang.

The workshop is for six hours and includes:-

  • An introduction to slang
  • A short film including slang
  • An analysis of the film and a discussion
  • A role play exercise
  • A video introducing more slang vocabulary, followed by exercises and a game
  • Language for distinct scenarios during the day – like Getting up, Breakfast, Startingschool/work, Lunchtime, After work/Happy Hour, End of day, Turning in

Drag yourself along to the workshop, gen up on slang and get with the program.

What?When?How much?
One-day Workshop on Slang in EnglishSaturday 23rd September, 2017. 10am to 4pmPrice: 50€


Como es evidente, nuestros talleres no están dirigidos a todo el mundo con cualquier nivel. La mayoría de ellos requieren de un nivel mínimo de B2 (intermedio-alto) o superior.

Si estás segura/o de tu nivel puedes reservarlo y pagarlo directamente a través de nuestra web con paypal.

Si necesitas asesoramiento, comprobar tu nivel, contarnos tu caso porque no sabes qué taller sería mejor para ti o simplemente pedir más información, puedes pasarte cualquier dia sin cita previa por nuestra escuela en horario de lunes a viernes de 10-13 h. y de 16 a 19 h.

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Speak To Me runs a series of one day workshops on different aspects of the English language. These normally take place on Saturdays at our centre in the Argüelles region of Madrid. Workshops comprise of small groups (max 8 people) and consist of three hours in the morning, one hour for lunch followed by three hours in the afternoon. To find out more about the programme for 2017 please call us on 91 369 0473 or click on the email link below. See complete programme for 2017


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A Day of Slang (Un Día de Jerga)
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